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I love the freedom offered by yoga and Meditation, I have been practicing for over 20 years and have a profound feeling of gratefulness towards my teachers who have helped me build this path. These teachers taught me how to develop my self practice and teach it to others: Danny Paradise, Angelo Cecchi, Antonella Accinelli, Usha Devi, Sindu V. Nayar, Maria Escudero & Lucas Nunes, Ryan Leier, Eddie Modestini and Kristin Bosteels, Dustin Fruson, Arun Ji, Fr Joe, Patricia Fernandes, Louie Ettling and Hiroko Demichelis.

The study of how the physical body works has been central to my formal education, from my background as a dentist and my knowledge of anatomy I explore body mechanics. The further I study the rest of our being, the more I develop and understanding of how the mind works, especially in managing fear, anxiety, and overcoming trauma through yoga.


I encourage my students to practice with the sound of their own breathing and listening their bodies, how it opens, contracts, releases and how suddenly with an adjustment they can enter the asana and the experience is transformed. Also, I encourage them to feel the body, aligning it, inviting gently to go a little farther, support it, and explore the asana to see what is beyond.  

Education, Training and Certifications


▪    Mindfulness Meditation and Breathwork Teacher Training

      200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

      The Lab of Meditation Method                                   Dec 2021    

▪    Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training in progress                 Present 

      Louie Ettling & Patricia Fernandes

      Yoga Space Vancouver 3rd Year

▪    Trauma Informed Yoga, Conscious Movement, 

     Social justice                                                     Jan 2021

     United Nations Foundation

▪    Relax Deeply 

      40-hours Eddie Modestini- Kristin Bosteels                       2020

▪    Support, alignment and Pranayama -Breathwork -

      200-hours Eddie Modestini- Kristin Bosteels                     2020

      Yoga on the inside. Maya Yoga. 

▪    Trauma Informed Level Advance Certification

      Yoga Outreach AdvanceTraining, Vancouver, BC       Mar 2019

▪    Wim Hof Method Breathwork Vancouver        February 2018

▪    4-week Immersion Training Eddie Modestini

      Iyengar Yoga Maya Yoga, Maui, Hawaii, USA               Jul 2018

▪    Trauma Informed Level I Certification

      Yoga Outreach Core Training, Vancouver, BC             Sep 2017

▪    First Aid Mental Health Certification

      YWCA, Vancouver, BC                                                   Nov 2017

▪    Food Safe Training Program

      Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver, BC                     Jul 2017

▪    4-week Intensive Training Iyengar Yoga Usha Devi                       Omkarananda Ashram, Rishikesh, India                        Feb 2016

▪    Ayurveda Certification

      NLAM National Library of Ayurveda Medicine, India  Nov 2016

▪    200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

      Tulasidam School Of Yoga Pada, India - Spain

      Yoga Alliance International Certificate                         Mar 2015

▪    Master Clinical Hypnosis for Pain and Anxiety Management

      University of  Barcelona                                                          2011

▪    Dentist Colombian College of Dentistry, Colombia 1998    


Today I feel specially grateful because

Some Yoga Workshops

▪    Louie Ettling, Iyengar Yoga, Haida Gwaii, Vancouver Virtual               Summer retreat                                                                        2021

​​​▪    Angelo Checci, Study of the anatomy and biomechanics of the         human body to practice                                                          2021

▪    Louie Ettling, Iyengar Yoga, Yogaspace, Vancouver Virtual                 Summer retreat                                                                        2020

▪    Eddie Modestini- Kristin Bosteels 5 Days Pranayama Intensive

▪    Louie Ettling, Iyengar Yoga, Yogaspace, Vancouver  2019, 2020,       2021and Patricia Fernandes 2021Regular classes

▪    Louie Ettling, Urban Retreat, Vancouver Jul 8 -13                2019

​▪    Angelo Checci, Alignmnet Yoga,  Berlin German          Oct 2018

▪    Arun Ji, Iyengar Yoga, Yoga Bindu, Barcelona, Spain    Oct 2018

▪    Eddie Modestini, Iyengar, One Yoga, Vancouver, BC    

                                                          Apr 2018, May 2017  & Nov 2017

      Eddie Modestini & Kristin Bosteels, Iyengar Yoga, Hawaii,

                                                                                                Julio 2018

▪    Cesar Caldera, Ashtanga, La Shala, Barcelona, Spain    Apr 2017

▪    Nowhere YogaLab, Hatha Vinyasa, Barcelona, Spain    Apr 2017

▪    Danny Paradise, Ashtanga Yoga, Turkey & Molokai, Hawaii                                                                                           Jul 2015 & Mar 2017

▪    Dustin Fruson, Ashtanga, One Yoga Vancouver, Feb & Dec 2016

▪    David Swenson, Ashtanga, Vancouver, BC                       Apr 2016​

▪    Ryan Leyer, One Yoga Vancouver, BC                          2015 - 2018

▪    Antonella Ashtanga Yoga, Barcelona, Spain                           2015

▪    Angelo Cecchi Aligment  Yoga, Barcelona, Spain      2013 - 2015

▪    Lucia Kelley Bikram Yoga,  Barcelona, Spain                          2014

▪    Lucas & Maria Acroyoga, Barcelona, Spain                 2010 - 2014

▪    Pau Castellsague Acroyoga, Barcelona, Spain                       2011

▪    Different Teachers, Colombia & Spain                         2004 - 2010

▪    Carlos Diaz Hatha Yoga, Colombia                               2000 -2003


▪    Vipassana 10 day , Catalunya, Spain,                       2010 & 2013

▪    Vipassana 10 day  Merrit ,BC Canada                                  2016

Dentistry & Health Sciences - Education

Master in Dental Cosmetic and Aesthetic ESCOE, Barcelona                             2014     

Master in Clinical Hypnosis for pain Management, University of Barcelona       2011

Master in Implantology and Surgery ESI, Barcelona                                             2009   

Master in Neurofocal Dentistry SNOC, Colombia                                                2008

Dentist Colombian College of Dentistry, Colombia                                             1998    

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