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WEEKLY CLASSES - clases semanales

 live -  en vivo


12pm        Yoga Nidra * en Español

Por ahora las clases estan siendo presenciales. Por favor dejame saber si tienes interes en  asistir a clases online y con gusto abriré un horario!

For now the classes are being in person. Please let me know if you are interested in attending online classes and I will be happy to open a schedule for this purpose!


1:00 pm     Yoga  en Español 

Friday - Viernes

11:00 am   Yoga Nidra* in English



 About Sandra……


Since discovering yoga and meditation 20 years ago, Sandra enjoys understanding the relationship between body, mind and spirit. 


Sandra has been exploring yoga and meditation as a strengthening practice to self-care, dealing with adversities, generating loving feelings, as well as improving mental clarity and agility.


She has also found techniques to relieve physical and/or emotional pain applying her knowledge and experience in the healthcare space. With her training in yoga outreach workshops, Minfulness Meditation, social justice and Breathwork, she has learned to create safe and inclusive spaces, focusing on the use of inviting and conscious language.


Her classes are an invitation to active the body, balance the mind and work with breath.

- Viernes

Este es un momento importante para estar unidos, y también para practicar y mantenernos en movimiento.

Ofrezco estas clases con mucho cariño para nuestra salud, física y mental. Envíame tu contacto de correo electrónico para poder estar al tanto de horarios y cambios. Puedes usar la pagina de contacto

Estan bienvenidos a entrar a la clase 10 minutos antes de la hora para asegurar la conexión y estar listos.

*Yoga Nidra es una practica de relajación consciente, física, mental, y emocional.

Meditation 25 minutos, Clases de yoga 1 hora

This is an important moment to be united, and also to practice and keep ourselves moving.

I offer these classes with much love for our physical and mental health. Join my mailing list to get the latest updates on class times and changes. You can use my contact page

You are welcome to join the class 10 minutes before starting time to ensure proper connection and settle in.

*Yoga Nidra is a conscious, physical, mental, end emotional relaxation practice.

Meditation 25 min. Yoga classes 1 hour 

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© 2020 Sandra Jara
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